California Lighthouse

February 21, 2024

On the northwestern tip of Aruba lies a lighthouse built in 1910 by a French Architect. Although you cannot go inside, you can still ascend the hill near its base for some spectacular views. This isolated tip of the island is known as Hudishibana Plateau, and this area features some of the island’s most amazing […]

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Arikok National Park

February 18, 2024

Most tourists in Aruba look outwards to the magnificent beaches, yet the true beauty of this island nation is within its heart – the majestic Arikok National Park, which is at the center of the island. This park that takes up about 20% of the land on this island encompasses the 3 main geological formations […]

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Beach Tours in Aruba

February 16, 2024

Aruba is famous around the globe for its sparking blue waters and beautiful white sand, so why not go for a beach tour in this balmy nation? The best beaches in Aruba are on the western and south-eastern coasts of the island, where you can get a tan, swim, or snorkel with stunning aquatic wildlife. […]

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Kayak Tours in Aruba

February 14, 2024

Although swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving tours gets most of the attention from tourists in Aruba, there are many different water sports that can be done. This includes kayaking as kayakers of all skill levels can enjoy paddling through the calm waters that Aruba is famous for whilst visiting popular attractions along the way. The […]

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