Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

As the second most popular tourist attraction in Aruba after the Natural Bridge, the Casibari Rock Formations holds a special place in every heart – both tourist and local alike. The Casibari is actually comprised of two sections, the larger Casibari rock formation, and the Ayo rock formation.

If you thought that Stonehenge only existed in England, you will be in for a pleasant surprise as you discover the wonders of Casibari. Both the Casibari and Ayo rock formations form Aruba’s own uniquely shaped Stonehenge. In fact, Geologists are as uncertain of the origins of Aruba’s Stonehenge however, they suspect that it is due to tectonic plates colliding together to form massive cave or slab formations up onto the earth’s surface.

Casibari Rock Formations
As this is the larger of the two rock formations, the local Government has created Casibari into a tourist-friendly environment with walking steps and trails so that visitors can reach the peak of the formation. Reaching to top of a formation is in itself a challenge, however you will feel like a true explorer as you weave through the narrow tunnels and steep steps. Whilst on top of the Casibari Rock Formations, you will feel like a hero as you step out to see the spectacular view that includes Palm Beach and Oranjestad.

Ayo Rock Formation
If you are up for more adventures, check out the neighboring Ayo Rock Formation. It is not for the faint at heart as there are no helpful rails, walking trails, or steps as opposed to the Casibari. Due to this fact, it is less visited but this also means that you will get to enjoy the beauty of ancient Aruba better without bus loads of travelers annoying you.

This mystical ancient place was a favorite haunt of the native Arawak Indians who used to inhabit this formation. In fact, the Arawak Indians used to go to this formation to seek shelter when they heard incoming thunderstorms. The whole population were notified of this incoming event so they were prepared for the outcome. Indeed, they truly left their mark on the Ayo Rock Formation, as there are ancient rock drawings and hand imprints on the cave walls and ceilings.

If you are interested in getting to know the true Aruba, a visit to Casibari is in order. It is a great stop that offers superb views. What’s best is that if it is a clear day, you will get to see a large portion of the 19 mile island so it is a fantastic spot to take photographs since it is in the center of the island.