Beach Tours in Aruba

Aruba is famous around the globe for its sparking blue waters and beautiful white sand, so why not go for a beach tour in this balmy nation? The best beaches in Aruba are on the western and south-eastern coasts of the island, where you can get a tan, swim, or snorkel with stunning aquatic wildlife. In fact, Aruba’s beaches have been named amongst the widest, cleanest, and most attractive throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Both full day and half day specialist beach tours can be arranged with a reputable agency. There is either a main activity attached to the tour such as SCUBA diving or horseback riding as the main attraction, or a visit to two or more of the main beaches in the island. All beach tours include the use of snorkeling gear and cold water. Full-day tours include a delicious BBQ lunch.

If you are looking to bask in the glory of the Aruban surf and sun, you should consider going on a full-day tour. A full-day tour comprises of a visit to four of the best beaches that Aruba has to offer as you get to travel to the beaches on both the east and west coasts. However, if you can only spare half a day going to the beach, most tours will take you only to beaches on the the south-eastern end of Aruba. Although you may think, “a beach is just a beach – they are all the same”, you will not believe your eyes when you visit all 4 beaches as they all have a distinctive flavor of its own!

Baby Beach, also known as Seroe Colorado, is located on the south-eastern side of Aruba. Baby Beach is known for its tranquil, shallow waters that is perfect for inexperienced swimmers or those with children. In addition, Baby Beach is known for its smooth white sands and as a glorious place for snorkeling as Snorkelers will get to enjoy the beautiful coral and fish in this man-made lagoon that surprisingly has clean, crystal clear blue waters. There are also 4 wheel drive Jeeps that are available for rent to drive around the beach.

Up in the northwestern tip of Aruba at Malmok Beach, you can choose to go either snorkeling or enjoy the contrasting view. The beach offers tiny bays that are lined with lava rock formation and cacti that are hundreds of years old. Many animals are also around such as donkeys, goats, iguanas, wild rabbits, and singing birds. However, the main attraction here is horseback riding along the beach which can either be done in a tour specializing in horseback riding or just beach tours. As part of this activity, you can ride your well-trained horse along the white sandy beach and lead it through the crystal blue water.

A trip to Boco Catalina Beach will certainly wow you, as it is considered one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Although this is included in a full-day tour, this beach will also be visited for those who have gone on a beach tour that features a SCUBA or SNUBA excursion. This area is a famous diving site as it is the home to the shipwreck of the Antilla.

Where ever your Aruba beach tour may take you or what it may involve, you are sure to have some great fun splashing around in the famous waters of the Caribbean Sea. Remember to bring your swimsuit and sunblock!