Bus Tours in Aruba

Are you interested in taking in the sights of Aruba? Take a bus (motor coach) tour in Aruba! It’s for everybody whether you are young or old and it is much more convenient then trying to trek the island on your own.  Known for their colorful buses and outrageous tour operators, Aruba will give you a new look at your average “Bus Tour.”  Tour bus companies compete to be the most colorful and outlandishly decorated buses, while tour bus drivers and tour guides try to out-do each other in every aspect, from comedy and fun to just plain dressing up in hilarious outfits.  You will get to see some beautiful places while having tons of fun. It’s a not to be missed adventure you will walk away from smiling.

The tour bus will bring you to historical places and natural attractions such as:

  • Baby Beach which is located at Seroe Colorado, south eastern end of the island. It is a great place for swimming. It has calm and shallow water that is suitable for children or inexperienced swimmers. If you enjoy marine life, you can snorkel here too. Remember to bring your swim suit and towel along.
  • Natural Beach was the sough after location before it collapses in year 2005.
  • Oranjestad which means ‘Orange’ in English. It is named after a Dutch royal house. It is the capital city of Aruba.

There are many more places that you can visit during these tours, depending on the route the tour takes. Be sure that you bring along your camera or video recorder. Do not miss all the fun and excitement.

There will be friendly and helpful tour guides who can speak English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento explaining to you the places you visit. You will also be served food and drinks, and provided snorkeling equipments when needed.

There are pick-up and drop-off services at certain locations such as De Palm Pier or the Tour Terminal. You should call the tour operator 24 to 48 hours before the tour for information about these pick-up and drop-off locations.

Most tours are about 4 hours long and full of excitement and knowledge – it will definitely be a great experience. However, there may be a minimum of 8 people on this type of tour for most companies to run them. You will be provided a contact number for checking on your ticket. You will get full refund if the reservation has to be canceled. There is also a flat rate processing fee and a service charge for each ticket. The total amount that you need to pay includes taxes (if required), fuel, and service charges.

However, you are not allowed to make any cancellation. In some tours and activities, you cannot make changes. So please inquire from your tour guide. You may be charged for any changes. Reminder, you need to make reservation at least 8 days in advance. Reservations can be done online or through a call center.

Going on a tour by motor coach is popular as they are air-conditioned, spacious and in a word “colorful.”  Bus tours operate daily, so they are one of the easiest tours to hop around Aruba in.