California Lighthouse

On the northwestern tip of Aruba lies a lighthouse built in 1910 by a French Architect. Although you cannot go inside, you can still ascend the hill near its base for some spectacular views. This isolated tip of the island is known as Hudishibana Plateau, and this area features some of the island’s most amazing sceneries with its famous sand dunes.

You may be wondering how the California Lighthouse got its name. It was named after a ship who was in proximity of this lighthouse called the Californian. It was named after this ship as it was near the Titanic and even received SOS signals from this boat as she capsized into the icy waters in 1912. Unfortunately, the Radio Operator of the California was asleep as he was off-duty at the time of the Titanic’s disaster and sadly this bad timing seemed to spell bad karma for this boat as she also went down into the rough seas several years after the Titanic sank off Aruba’s coast. Today, this is a popular dive site due to the tragic, historical link to the Titanic.

Around the lighthouse are acres and acres of flatland with giant boulders that is reminiscent of the moon. It also stands close to the Tierra de Sol Golf Course, and there is also a view of Malmok.

A popular destination around the California Lighthouse is the California White Sand Dunes. These sand dunes are very popular with kids and adults who are young at heart as it is famed for dune surfing. When you are dune surfing, remember to wear something comfortable such as jeans or perhaps bring a large piece of cardboard or a sled as you slide down the sand.

Next door to the California Lighthouse is a restaurant called La Trattoria El Faro Blanco that services delicious and authentic Italian food. It is best to go during the sunset as the views are incredible and should not be missed.

Directions: Take 1B or 2B to Malmok. From Malmok, you should be able to see the tower that is at the north.