Fontein Caves

Aruba’s island may be small but its attraction extends well beyond its beautiful beaches. The largest park of the northern coast of the island is the Arikok National Park, consists of which about 20% of the island itself. This park contains numerous noteworthy spots with the connection a network of hiking tracks. Aruba’s unique geology has contributed to it with several caves that are fabulous places to visit.

The most popular among these caves is the Fontein Cave, which located on the northeastern coast. It is one of the most popular caves as it holds a great deal of history as there are drawings created by the Arawak Indians that is believed to be tracked back to hundreds of years. This alone is a fascinating scene that will provide you a real sense of the island’s history.

Slightly to the east of Fontein Cave you will find another of the caves called the Guadirikiri Cave. It is famous for its chambers that are lightened by the sunlight beaming through holes in the roof. As you walk deeper into this 100 foot cave, you will find hundreds of harmless bats.

To the east of Guadirikiri Cave is the Huliba Cave which extends for 300 feet. Lovers enjoy visiting this cave due to its heart shaped entrance, and therefore this cave has the apt nickname, the “Tunnel of Love”. It is also believed that it was reported to be a popular place for pirates to hide and themselves and their treasures. Though the stories have not been endorsed, the cave certainly has an air of mystery and intrigue.

In many regards, this island is so special therefore do not be fooled by its small size as it provide many great educational tours especially when you visit the historical Fontein Cave.