Helicopter Tour of Aruba

Trekking, cycling, bus ride, horse riding, whatever ride you can think of…ig you have been there, done that. Why go for the usual when you can have a unique experience of a life time? The best way to catch a glimpse of Aruba ‘paradise’ Island would have to be by air, the ideal package for the sight seers, the daring and the romantic…inclusively or exclusively.

A 15 minute beach Aruba helitour ‘ride’ over beautiful coastlines, majestic hotels and resorts, sandy beaches and sparkling waters can be a breathe taking sight from up in the air. The tour covers the North-Western part of Aruba and one also gets to see the German ‘Antilla’ shipwreck of 1940 and the famed California lighthouse, which all in all will guarantee a truly once in a lifetime adventure. The spectacular Tierra del Sol Golf Course will also be in full sight and that greenery is bond to put a smile on anyone’s face and makes the color mixtures all the more beautiful from the air.

Fifteen minutes too little? An added bonus would be a 30minute tour of not just the north–western part of Aruba but the entire island! The sites for this trip include mainly the tourist hot spot areas such as the Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Pool, Sand Dunes, Rock Formations, Gold Mine Ruins, the Natural Bridge Renaissance Island, and the downtown area. Catch the beauty of the main land from the sky and let the memory live with you forever.

For the adventurous souls who dare to be different, the helicopter sightseeing can be taken a step further and turn into a sky diving experience. What better way to experience that adrenaline rush whilst at the same time getting a Kodak-perfect moment! And all this with guaranteed safety measures in place.

Aruba Island is a romantic destination on its own, the irresistible beaches and clear waters work wonders and the romantic vibes are undeniable, BUT, a unique twist would spice things up an extra notch or two. So take it to the next level, weather it is a romantic proposal using a sky banner or a cozy sunset trip into the sky for two, this is it! They say love is in the air but this can be taken literally on a helicopter tour in Aruba. Even Shakespeare would be in on this one!

Even if one has never flown before, the ride is bound to be smooth sailing and because of the leather interior, comfortable as well.  This tour will not disappoint and the best part is all this is at perfectly acceptable prices. So why not go that extra mile and do things the trendy way. Fly in a comfortable, safe and well ventilated helicopter and experience the luxurious lifestyle of an A-class celebrity without having to pump out all the money that they do. Pamper yourself and live a little, what’s there to stop you? The sky is the limit!