Pirate Tours in Aruba

Within the southern fold of the Caribbean, above the Northern coast of South America therein lays Aruba, an island with a rich history and beautiful beaches to boast. A great destination for a vacation and teeming with nature, Aruba is one island that should not be missed. And with this island, there are certain expectations for Tours that caters to such, and Aruba has its own, with Pirate Tours that explores an expect of the island’s rich history in that aspect, while discovering your love for a snorkel all the same.

A History Lesson or Two

Aruba was settled by the native Caiquetios long before European intervention, Arawak Indian migrants from South America. The island was shortly discovered by an Alonso De Ojeda from Spain who christened the name Oro Hubo in hopes of finding Gold here, but was disappointed later on. However, the name Aruba stems from the natives, meaning “Guide” in their language, and this is the name that stuck. With the discovery that there was no gold to be found on the island, the Spaniards left the island soon after, making Aruba a haven for pirates and buccaneers. This was during the age of the Old World and the pirates targeted those ships transporting treasure. You will be able to find the ruins of an old pirate castle at Bushiribana of Aruba. As an island of the Caribbean, the sensational history of being a former pirate haven would only add to the allure of Aruba. Following this dramatic period of its history, the island was later taken over by the Dutch, who has held on to the island until present times.

The Pirates come again

With an island as a tourist destination, it is only right that there are tours aimed at the plentiful waters and beautiful beaches enveloping the island itself. With the clear Caribbean seas complementing the clean beaches of Aruba, there are tours aimed at keeping the visitors to the island, away from the land itself. One of these tours that keep the industry flowing for this island’s economy would be Pirate Tours, banking in on the history of Aruba being a pirate haven from the Old World. Although the sound of the name may direct you elsewhere, these Pirate Tours are actually aimed at Snorkeling activities around the island of Aruba like Boca Catalina and the Malmok Reefs. But surely, with an island who’s history included pirates, there are also sites which require a little more expertise of the art of snorkeling like the Antilla Wreck, which is renowned to be one of the most famous of Caribbean wrecks. Although not a pirate wreck, this is actually a WWII wreck which has become a natural habitat for the various sea creatures of the Aruban coast. The pirate element of the tours is mostly for fun, but you will get some historical information about the pirates in Aruba. With professional guides to lend you a hand, these Pirate Tours will indeed give the visitors to the island a good taste of the waters of Aruba.