Kayak Tours in Aruba

Although swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving tours gets most of the attention from tourists in Aruba, there are many different water sports that can be done. This includes kayaking as kayakers of all skill levels can enjoy paddling through the calm waters that Aruba is famous for whilst visiting popular attractions along the way. The south-eastern coast offers some amazing opportunities to explore this wonderful island.

One of the most popular kayak tours in Aruba is a 4 hour guided tour which starts at around 9:30am daily. These casual tours will remind you of the smash hit movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, as you kayak past famous pirate hideouts such as the popular Spanish Lagoon. Your knowledgeable guide will inform you of anything from animal species that are found in these waters to Aruban pirate mythology. The tour price not only includes kayaking instructions and the guide, but also lunch and the ability to use snorkeling equipment. Most kayaking tours start from a small fishing village called Savaneta and return to the busy port at Barcadera. However, with any good kayaking tour, you do not have to worry about a thing as transport to and from your hotel is also included.

As you kayak to the east of the secluded lagoon, you will pass lush mangrove forests and several hidden coves along the coastline. You will also find the Mangel Halto Reef which is thought of as Aruba’s healthiest reef. As mentioned above, your kayaking tour guide should have snorkeling gear pre-arranged for you so when you do visit Mangel Halto you can have a choice of either soaking up some rays on the beach, or enjoy snorkeling in this pristine underwater environment.

Another popular kayaking tour destination is at De Palm Island, and this is included as part of many half-day kayaking tours. This is just a quick paddle away from Spanish Lagoon and is also a great place to sunbathe and snorkel. Most of the kayak tours that visit De Palm Island also include lunch at De Palm’s charming restaurant. If you are into photography or simply would just like to take some underwater snaps, De Palm is the place to go as it has crystal clear blue water and shallow reefs teeming with amazing wildlife.

The final leg of the journey is kayaking to Barcadera Beach where you can choose to explore or have more fun doing water sports. Barcadera Beach is a favorite destination for kite-surfers and windsurfers as there is gentle surf and calm winds. If you are interested in participating in these sports, there are a few rental shops that can assist you in this. Alternatively, you can continue on to a fishing tour where you can catch some yellow fin tuna or wahoo so you can boast about your big catch to your family and friends back home.

If you wish to combine water sports with a sense of exploration and adventure, then kayaking tours are for you. While you are in Aruba, be sure to ask your hotel concierge about  the unspoiled Caribbean beauty that you experience when it comes to kayaking.