Jeep (4×4) Tours in Aruba

Take a drive on the wild side with a Jeep (4×4) tour of Aruba! There are four tour types available for those who are interested in either being a passenger or the driver of a jeep and each tour includes a friendly Aruban guide. You can either opt for a full or half day jeep tour or a jeep tour to either the Natural Pool or Baby Beach.

The full and half day tour is a great adventure tour where you will drive through some awesome rough and scenic terrain. Tours are available daily and a half day tour goes for 4 hours, where as a full day tour goes for 7 hours. A half day tour includes visits to the Ayo Rock Formation, Wish Garden, California Lighthouse, Natural Bridge, and the Alto Vista Chapel.

If you are going on a full-day tour, then you will truly enjoy the tour after lunch, which is included as part of the tour, with a visit to one of Aruba’s greatest treasures – the Arikok National Park and the Fontein Cave. Surrounded by Mt. Arikok, the centre of this island nation features some of the most amazing things that many tourists never get to see as they are more preoccupied with beach activities. In this park, you will see rare and exotic flora as well as beautiful animals. However, the highlight of this area, especially for history buffs, is Fontein Cave (also known as Fontein Grot). This amazing cave contains genuine Arawak Indian cave paintings and hand imprints which were drawn during the pre-Columbian times. However, the fun does not stop there. You will also get to see the Gold Melting Ruins, Baby Beach, and a ride over the sand dunes.

The Baby Beach Jeep Adventure will take you zooming through the outback with a 4.5 tour around Aruba. Kick up some dirt with a visit to the Arikok Park and the “Seroe Colorado” Natural Bridge, which is one of Aruba’s hidden secrets. After this, you can kick off your sneakers and cool down at Baby Beach, which is renowned for its smooth white sand and crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling. Snorkeling equipment is included in this tour. So whether you want to swim or get a tan, this tour is perfect for discovering Aruba’s diverse charm.

Enjoy the twists and turns through the Aruban countryside with a 4-hour long Natural Pool Jeep Adventure tour. This special route will take you through popular, key tourist attractions such as the Natural Bridge, California Lighthouse. While on this journey, you will discover the Aruban scenic countryside such as sunbathing iguanas, jagged volcanic peaks, and the divi-divi trees that is part of Aruba’s national emblem. After this, your last stop will be at the Natural Pool where you can have a dip and contemplate the amazing adventure that you have been on.

Touring in the 4×4 allows you to see a lot of sites quickly and without the crowds of a bus tour for example. You also get the added joy of having the wind in your face and 360 degree panoramic view as you drive, but without the dust concerns of the ATV tours. If you have a small group of 2-4 people and want to share conversation as you tour the wondrous sites of Aruba the Jeep tour is a perfect fit.