Sailing Tours in Aruba

Thinking of vacationing in Aruba? Aruba is home of warm tropical breezes, constant sun with perfect weather. You won’t be difficult to find good accommodations as Aruba hotels offers oceanfront views allowing you awake to the sounds of waves splashing gently against the beautiful beaches. What’s more, is if you prefer to explore at ocean level, crystal-blue waters, than Aruba has the best Caribbean vacation one could ever imagine. Whether you like to float on the surface, drifting casually in a nice comfortable sailboat or plunging down toward a shipwreck in scuba gear and aquatic adventurous of all kinds await for you.

Have you ever considered sailing in Aruba? It is a fun way to get into the open sea. You will be surprised sailing in Aruba is also a perfect way to spend a day for someone entirely new to this hobby. One of the sailing activities available in Aruba is sunfish sailing. It is an easy and fun sailing that can be easily handled by one person. The calm sea waters and steady winds in Aruba set up ideal conditions for beginners and expert sailors. Sunfish sailing can be sailed up to three persons on board. This activity is available on most beaches such as Palm Beach, Eagle Beach and Druif Beach.

Basically, Aruba is the perfect vacation spot to spend your whole day in the sun, with wind on touching your face while resting on the deck of a beautiful sail boat. There are many sailing charter companies that willing to provide sail boat, sailing lessons and even captain to many passionate sailors like yourself. These charter companies in Aruba will provide all the necessary equipment for sailors to enjoy their days out in the ocean as it is not possible to sail the boat all the way to Aruba and back in one day.

You could plan your sailing activities in the sea for more than a day. However, do bear in mind that the cost of boat charter goes up with the extra time it is being rented and they might require you to bring along their captain with you. This is normally depending on your sailing skill and in the even if you do not have any experienced sailing in the Caribbean Island before.

The best time throughout the year to be sailing in Aruba is between January and March. This is because during these months the weather is the most suitable time for sailing. Usually by the first part of the year, Aruba’s water will be filled with thousand of sail boats and essentially the prices will be higher also. However, sailing in the wet season is not a good option. The weather could turn to bad with the hurricanes’ risk, though it won’t be much effect since Aruba is located outside the hurricane belt.

On a sunny day with slight wind in your hair, what better way to enjoy island life than to go sailing! If you are keen on getting your sailing feet wet, why not contact your hotel’s Concierge to ask them for more details about how to join a yacht tour.