Underwater Excursion Tours in Aruba

Don’t think of leaving Aruba without having fun underwater! Take a look at these underwater excursion tours in Aruba:

Snorkeling is very popular here, and there are numerous snorkeling tours available at many of the beaches around Aruba. You can either go on a tour that focuses on the beaches, or you can hop on board a boat which will take you to a beautiful snorkeling spot in the marine park.

If scuba diving is your thing, there is a tour that specializes in taking you to the Antilla, which is a famous WWII shipwreck site. Also known as the Ghost Ship, it was built as a German Freighter and is the largest wreck in the Caribbean measuring 400 feet long. Scuba divers will love discovering this wreck, as well as admiring all the beautiful sea life. Some tour guides will also take you to see other wrecks and marine life such as the Tire Reef and the Green Moray.

Snuba is a mix between snorkeling and scuba diving. Run by De Palm Island, this is a privately guided underwater tours. It is one of the easiest and most convenient types of underwater tour that will take you to the depths of the Antilla. In fact, it is so easy that those who are 8 and older can participate in this activity. Unlike scuba diving, you do not have to obtain any kind of divers license and therefore it combines the best of both worlds.

Sea trekking is perfect for those who cannot swim but would still love to explore underwater as it is as easy as breathing and walking. This tour is available at De Palm Island, in a custom made 375 foot walkway that is 20 feet under the sea. As you walk around, you can see the famous “sunken airplane” or feed the fish. This tour is open to everybody aged 8 years and above. You will get to see dolphins, corals and other marine life. This is a perfect tour for the whole family with great memories and experiences.

A visit to Aruba isn’t complete without exploring the clear blue waters. So be sure to tryout at least one of the Aruba water tours available, unless you are feeling adventurous then try them all!