Submarine Tours in Aruba

Aruba offers the best tourist spot not only for its beaches and warm weather but also because it is located between Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. One of the tourist attractions in Aruba is its unique and colorful underwater environment. If you are looking for this kind of experience in Aruba, you may try the undersea world of the Caribbean sea. The wonders of Aruba’s underwater world environment is accessible even to non-scuba diver with options of submarine, semi-submarine and sea trek tours which have many advantages over diving.

Most submarine tour companies in Aruba offer air-conditioned submarine tours. These submarines slope into a water depth of about 150 feet and the co-pilot will guide you through a tour of Aruba’s wonderfully brilliant colored coral reefs. When you areĀ  near the ocean floor, you might see the weaving movement of tropical fish, a huge school of anchovies, while yellow grunt fish swim unconcerned nearby. As you are closer to the sea floor, thousands of small coral colonies wind and turn over every surface creating a beautiful scene. The historical home of sunken shipwrecks, wonderful coral reefs and a bounty of colorful sea life come into even clearer view with the help of this tour.

However, if you have children whose aged under 4 years old or have a height less than 3 feet, you will have to leave them behind as it is recommended not to bring them along. Tourists with children are recommended to take a tour using the semi-submarine. There is no age limitation for the semi-submarine tour. The semi-submarine is a type of sub-marine that stays above sea level at all times, while its substructure is about 5 feet below the surface.

There are huge glass windows provide amazing view of the many different varieties of coral and fish. The view is so fantastic that you can easily snap a memorable picture of a fish coming right up to your window. This tour is specially designed for the entire family and it also includes entertaining and educational narration from a professional Tour Guide while a diver will be swimming alongside the submarine feeding the fish. You and your family will remain dry at all times as there is no scuba diving or snorkeling needed in order to experience this kind of environment.

Apart from a submarine and semi-submarine, there is also an electrical powered submersible which is equipped with lithium-ion batteries for long sailing times. There are numerous accessories included such as safety buoy, underwater communication, tracking device, a lead weight for dropped off, air-conditioning system and many more. It is suitable for 3 persons at one time and people using it can stay underwater for over 96 hours.

Should you have decided to take on any of these tours, remember to bring along your camera to record your once in a lifetime memories into the colorful world of coral reefs, historical sunken shipwrecks abundant with a rainbow fantasy of tropical fish.