ATV Tours in Aruba

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tours are all the rage for those seeking a unique driving adventure. It is truly exhilarating way to discover the beautiful island nation of Aruba. There are many different ATV tour operators in Aruba, and most of them cover similar landmarks.

Everyone who drives an ATV must have a valid drivers license. If you are bringing children along on your holiday, it is possible for you to rent a 2-seater ATV instead of a 1-seater. Some companies have different policies about who can drive their ATVs. For example, a company may require a waiver signed by a parent or a legal guardian that their dependent can drive the ATV, or there is a minimum age limit such as those who are over 21 years old can drive only.

So what should you wear if you are going on an ATV tour in Aruba? If you are familiar with the phrase, “eat my dust”, then this is something that you should keep at heart. Dress in clothes and footwear that you either want to throw away or simply never want to wear again, as it will get extremely dusty as the island can be quite dry especially during the summer months. Seriously, no amount of washing will ever get rid of that dust. Also, an old pair of sunglasses and a dust mask is recommend to assist in protecting your eyes and mouth from the dust that is kicked up from the dirt roads and sand dunes.

At the start of each tour, the Guide will provide you with information about how to drive the ATVs. After all, they are powerful and expensive vehicles that should be taken seriously as although there is a lot of smooth sailing, there can be some rocky and hilly terrain.

As mentioned above, some tours will take you to different landmarks and scenic areas around Aruba, however it will be generally the same. So what do you get to see? Highlights include the Ayo Rock Formations, Alto Vista Chapel, and the Natural Pool.

Are you a fan of the hit cartoon series, ‘The Flintstones’? If so, you will get to relive your fond memories of yesteryear when visiting the Ayo Rock Formations. This is because these rock formations actually closely resembles the town of Bedrock where the Flintstones live. In fact, it may be possible that the creators of The Flintstones were inspired by these formations as they actually used to be a dwelling area of an ancient race of people that left markings and art on stone boulders.

At the Alto Vista Chapel, you will visit the site of the first Catholic church even built in Aruba. This chapel is a cheerful yellow which is reached by winding roads that are lined with white colored crosses to mark the Stations of the Cross. It is considered as a special place by Arubans for contemplation, peace, and tranquility in the beautiful countryside.

Out of all of these places, the Natural Pool is considered the best highlight to visit on an ATV by both tourists and tour operators alike. This is because it is the easiest and quickest way to get to the Natural Pool, which is also called ‘Cura di Tortuga’. This is a picturesque place to visit as it is a secret, hidden pool that is surrounded by rocks.

An ATV Tour goes for about half a day. For rev heads and adventure junkies out there, it is truly the most fun way to get down and dirty to explore the beautiful countryside of Aruba.