While Aruba is famous for wide white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and interesting historical locations it might surprise you that the number one reasons vacationers give for visiting Aruba is the ideal weather. It has been said that it is always summer in Aruba and while that is essentially true, what makes the weather on Aruba so ideal is not just the almost constant warm temperatures but also the consistency of the close to perfect weather conditions.

People looking for a tropical beach vacation want warm weather and sunny days. Aruba is located just 15 miles off the northern coast of South America, very near the equator and is surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. These two factors would normally make Aruba hot for much of the year. But Aruba is consistently warm 12 months out of the year. The average high temperature yearly is 89 degrees Fahrenheit and there is very little variation from the coolest month(86 degrees) and the hottest month(91 degrees). So if you are visiting Aruba you can expect it to be warm, but hot.

The reason that it does not get very hot in Aruba is that the island is the direct path of trades wind which almost constantly add a breeze which acts as a natural air conditioner. The winds also help keep Aruba dry because when a storm system does hit Aruba the winds serve to quickly push the rainstorm away from the island. Aruba has only about 20 inches of rainfall per year averaging only 17 days per year with thunderstorms. October through December is the rainy season, but even those months average 3 inches of rain per month or less. Aruba is in the southern Caribbean and out of the normal track for hurricanes. So travelers planning a Caribbean vacation in Aruba do not have to worry about a big storm ruining their holiday.

The amazing Aruba weather allows you to plan and book outdoor tours and activities with confidence that the weather will not ruin your plans.